Introducing ME:CA

It’s All About the Experience…

A while back we discovered that we held a shared frustration at some of the events and conversation around the use of mobile technology in the cultural sector. We were disappointed with the promise of mobile fixing all our problems without the evidence of what is working – or not – and why. We wanted to find out if we can move beyond creating mobile experiences that are just the same old formats repeated on newer and shinier devices.

We felt there had to be another way of thinking and talking about what mobile can really do for cultural audiences. What would this new conversation look like? What would these new experiences look like? And what would it take for us to make them?

We shared a view that what really mattered was the experience and we wanted to understand what was working – and what wasn’t – for audiences and organisations. What should we – could we – create and how?

At some point we decided to stop complaining and start to do something about it and here’s the outcome: Mobile Experiences: Cultural Audiences, or ME:CA. We’re kicking off with a small, invite-only workshop on the 21st March, but hope that this will just be the first of a series of events or publications that tackle this subject. The results of the day will be published and shared with the wider cultural community here. The aim is that they will inform future research, publications and events designed to help to answer some of the big questions around mobile experiences for cultural audiences.

We are acutely aware that we don’t hold all the answers or even all the questions, so this project will be as much about listening to the views and needs of those working in the sector.

Who are we?

We are Frankly Green and Webb and Martha Henson.

Frankly, Green and Webb: a respected digital interpretation and learning consultancy specialising in the cultural heritage sector with a particular focus on mobile experiences. We have provided research, insight and advice to a wide range of organisations in the UK and beyond to deliver successful innovative technology projects.

Martha Henson: a digital magpie, interested in applications of technology (especially games and mobile) to learning and public engagement with culture and science. Martha is a freelance digital producer, helps run the London Educational Games Meetup Group (LEGup) and blogs at

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