We’ve just taken part in a thought-provoking live chat for the Guardian Culture Professionals network on mobile in museums. It aimed to ask a range of probing questions:

Why address the same old issues when we can take a deeper look at the role mobile can, should and does play in museum development and audience engagement? We want to discuss the practical, organisational and financial barriers that can scupper a great idea; we want to look at the finer points of user experience, responsive design, and the tech and tools available.

We also want to look at the audience, from the differences between on-site and off-site users to how different demographics interact with mobile. And what about data – should you be collecting it, how can you measure it and in what ways can those results be used for future iterations?

It proved to be a really interesting and lively discussion, ranging across topics such as the benefits of and barriers to creating good mobile projects, carrying out qualitative research in the gallery, simplicity vs complexity, favourite museum apps, funding, google glasses, interpretation in gallery vs on mobile and more. Last count it was up to over 230 comments!

Comments will be left on over the weekend and we’ll try and pop back to the discussion so do get stuck in if you’ve got more to add.

Also on the panel were Hugh Wallace (head of digital media, National Museums Scotland), Tom Grinsted (product manger: core mobile applications, Guardian News and Media), Dianne Greig (associate director, digital, Culture Sparks), Matthew Tyler-Jones (consultant, visitor experience, National Trust), Linda Spurdle (digital manager, Birmingham Museums) and Andrew Nugee (chief exec, Imagineear).

August 16, 2013 live chat